Welcome to Magar Association UK

The Magars are the largest indigenous ethnic group of Nepal comprising over 7% of the population. The Magars ancestral homeland extend from the Western and the Southern edges of the Dhaulagiri range of the Himalayas to the Mahabharat foothills in the South and Kali Gandaki river basin in the East and have now spread throughout of Nepal. Magar is a caste constituted from various sub tribes with multi faith and multi ritual practices. The Magars are also world renowned warriors serving in Nepalese, Indian and British Army and their service and personal accomplishments in the Army have been recognised with many prestigious gallantry awards and decorations. Due to the increased globalisation, Magars have now been migrated in various countries of the world including UK seeking for better lives by exploring their skills and knowledge. With many Magars living in various parts of the UK in early 2002, first Magar Society was form with the title of “Langhali Pariwar” on 27 July 2002 in the UK with some degree of aim and objectives. After UK settlement right was given to former Gurkhas to settle in the UK, many more Magars have decided to make UK their home, which has rapidly increased the Magar footprint in the UK. With increased population of Magar in the UK, aim and objectives of Society were necessary to widen to address the changing needs by bring all Magars into one platform to integrate into the wider society by preserving and developing Magar culture, values, tradition and identify and sharing eventualities as a Association. As such, “Laghali Pariwar” was afterwards became “Magar Association UK” embracing wider aim and objectives and established as a non-profitable social society (Association) in the UK and registered as a charitable organisation on 11 Nov 2008.


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