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MagarSangh UK (MAUK) had 5th Grand Assembly was held on 2nd  April 2016 and elected a new executive committee.  On the occasion new committee members were elected and announced by the election commission, who congratulated new and old committee members and wished the new committee members for their successful tenure. The present Central committee members are as follows:

  1.  President: Mr Nem Thapa Magar (Overall in charge)
  2. Senior Vice President:  Mr Yog Kumar Phagami Magar (Liaison with Internal & external organizations in UK)
  3.  Women Vice President: Mrs Anita Rana Magar (Women liaison, Culture & Costume)
  4. Vice President: Mr Bom Bahadur Suyabansi Magar (Foreign PR & Charity)
  5. Vice President: Mrs Sita Pun Magar (Youth & Veteran, LEAF Project, Literature)
  6. General Secretary: Mr Lal Bahadur Pun Magar (Official Point of Contact)
  7. Secretary: Mr Bir Prasad Gharti Magar (A/Gen Sec, Language & Statistics)
  8. Treasurer: Mr Netra Ale Magar (Treasury Control)
  9. Assistant Treasurer: Mr Hom Roka Magar (A/Treasurer)
  10. Culture Secretary: Mr Tulachandra Tilija Magar
  11. A/Culture Secretary: Mrs Durga Devi Pun Magar
  12. Media Secretary: Mr Deep Rana Magar
  13. A/Media Secretary: Mr Dadhibandhu Gharti Magar
  14. Membership Secretary: Mr Dhan Kumar Budha Magar (MAUK Membership drive)
  15. Karmakanda Secretary: Mr Nirmal Shrish Magar (For all faith ritual and rites help)
  16. Sports Secretary: Mr Ramesh Rana Magar
  17. Assit. Sports Secretary :  Laxmi Ale
  18. Youth Coordinator: Mr Bir Bahadur Pun Magar (Youth Support)
  19. Admin Secretary: Mr Ramesh Dura Magar (Admin & Property care)
  20. A/Admin Secretary: Mrs Dhana Roka Magar
  21. Serving Member Liaison Secretary: Mr Rudra Thapa Magar (Membership drive with Membership Secretary)


Upcomming Events

    Quarterly meeting @ Magar Bhawan, Farnborough, UK
    on 17-12-2017
  • Maghe Sakranti Celebration
    Own Town by all Branch
    on 13-01-2018
  • Magar Diwas Meeting
    Magar Bhawan, Farnborough
    on 20-01-2018
  • Magar Diwas 2018
    Rivermead Leisure Complex , Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ
    on 24-02-2018

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